July 22, 2016

We make a range of grips with different sizes to fit your individual need. We not only make larger grips for those of you with BIG hands that cramp up on long rides, we make smaller grips just above the diameter of a stock grip. That way they open your hand slightly to relieve fatigue but they are still small enough to avoid overdone muscle contractions still allowing for a tight grasp of the bars! 

All of our gripz have a grippy/gelly feel and the material itself has shock absorbing properties!  


July 22, 2016

Big Belly Gripz is not a company, its not a chain or a corporation, its a product. Its a person with a vision selling a product designed to better the market. Its something new, something made with quality material, a product that doesn't cut corners at the consumers expense to make money. 

July 22, 2016


Well for start our "Racer" & "Big Man Hand" Gripz are engineered to stay put by twisting on tightly. Usually not even requiring a adhesive/glue. That being said we still recommend using a reputable grip glue or adhesive. At this time we do not make or sell our own. The grip material is a high quality silicone so you will need an adhesive that can bind silicone to metal such as steel or aluminum depending on your handlebar types (plus plastic if you have a dirt bike). Make sure the handlebars & grips are clean...

July 22, 2016

So I know what you are thinking, the creator of Big Belly Gripz looks like a good time. Drinking Beer, Camping, Riding like a bat out of hell (sober of course)... What a complete heart throb. But what is behind Big Belly Gripz, what is it really about? 

So whats in the bag? 

As a fellow rider you know the importance of conservation. Our products are not only changing the market place they are saving our beloved trails, animals, forests and people in the process. A large portion of every sale goes straight to a group or...

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