September 13, 2016

Kowiachobee Animal Preserve

Ehrick Garion's Act 


Individual Volunteer & Intern Projects Abroad: TBD

Cancer Organization: TBD 

Trail/Environmental Conservation Association: TBD 

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September 10, 2016

Here are some tips on helping to reduce Arm Pump & Fatigue:

1) Big Belly Gripz (Obviously) or other quality grips

2) Drink plenty of water a few days before a big race as well as stay hydrated on race day

3) Multi-Vitamins & Electrolytes

4) Remember to BREATH when riding, good oxygenation can help reduce cramping

5) Work out those forearms, wrists, and hands

6) Don't wear tight sleeves, cut your jersey ends if needed

7) Don't wear your gloves too tight (both 6 & 7 can cause a reduction in circulation to your upper extremities)


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