February 23, 2017


We are coming out with a New MTB Grip and we are looking for 1-2 Test Riders. One of the requirements is to give feedback on the prototype gripz within 2 weeks of receiving them. And as always we welcome any rider input so even if you cannot be a test rider please feel free to email us suggestions, likes/dislikes and what you wish to see on the market!!!! 


Gripz are expected to ship out in March 2017 we will be taking applications until we fill the final spots. 

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December 11, 2016

Hello Fellow Riders today we will talk about applying your new Big Belly Gripz to your handlebars! Quickly...

Side Note: This is what we do, opinions vary. You can use what ever adhesive you feel comfortable with as long as it will strongly and safely adhere your gripz to the bar (must be able to adhere silicone to metals such as steel or aluminum)

You will need :


A wooded popsicle stick 

Permatex Adhesive Sealant: Clear RTV Silicone (NOT the gasket maker) or other appropriate adhesive 

A blade 


Sand paper (optio...

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