April 15, 2018

   Well, It has been a long winter for everyone, but I firmly believe we have nothing but better days ahead of us here in the Northeast...even if it is currently snowing outside my office window as I type this. May the sunshine be with you!

   I wanted to take a minute to talk about one of our products that seems to be gaining the most popularity among ATV clubs/ crews/ squads, and that is our fully custom grip. Our design engineer starts from scratch using your ideas and transferring them to a Computer automated Desig...

December 11, 2016

Hello Fellow Riders today we will talk about applying your new Big Belly Gripz to your handlebars! Quickly...

Side Note: This is what we do, opinions vary. You can use what ever adhesive you feel comfortable with as long as it will strongly and safely adhere your gripz to the bar (must be able to adhere silicone to metals such as steel or aluminum)

You will need :


A wooded popsicle stick 

Permatex Adhesive Sealant: Clear RTV Silicone (NOT the gasket maker) or other appropriate adhesive 

A blade 


Sand paper (optio...

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