Foam SxS Gripz (UTV, SxS, Side-by-Side)

Foam SxS Gripz (UTV, SxS, Side-by-Side)


Do you drive your sxs like a savage slaying every rock in sight? Is your sxs passenger tired of having beat up hands due to your irresponsible rock beating nature? Do them a favor, buy them a pair of BBGz original Foam X side-by-side gripz. Once you put these foamy gripz on your side-by-side you'll take the passenger riding experience to a whole new level of comfort. Thus you'll get to stay out in the trails much longer and enjoy bouncing around your passenger (or should I say victim of your driving). Let's face it, thats what you really want. Shame on you. 


The Foam SxS Gripz were built to fit the Polaris RZR style passenger bar but may fit others as well, please see the specs below to ensure they will fit your off road vehicle before ordering. If you need different specs, just email us! As always we are rider tested and rider approved which means we are always looking to expand to fit the needs of the rider market. 


SPECS: Approx 5" long, 1.2" Diameter, Inner cylinder fits universal approx 7/8" bar seen on most handlebars (not a throttle grip)

OTHER: Please keep out of direct sunlight for extended durations of time, it can cause breakdown or discoloration to your gripz. 

OTHER: Email for custom colors (ex: mint)