Racer Gripz

Racer Gripz

Don't have massive hands but still want Big Belly Gripz??? Introducing "The Racer" ATV grips. This grip stands at about 4.5" in circumference which makes it slightly bigger than stock grips and waaaay more comfortable!!!! This is considered to be our "medium" sized grip. 

Your Hands are Important, Explore in Comfort #bigbellygripz
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    Length: 4.75-5"
    Circumference: Approx 4.50" when applied to bar
    Fits: Any 7/8" handle bar
    Colors: For custom colors email us

    All of Big Belly Gripz are made with top of the line material, no corners are cut
    These grips withstand extreme cold (-21 Cº) and heat (205 Cº) when riding in various terrains 
    The rubber used to make each set can help with shock absorbance, taking away some of the wear from your hands
    The wider grip size helps to put your thumb closer to the thumb throttle, potentially helping reduce arm fatigue 
    The material is soft, keeping your ride comfortable for hours of trail travel & with high tear strength they remain durable
    With Every purchase we donate $2.00 to a choice charity 


    Colors and styles may vary slightly from pictures.


    Recommended to use hand guards, bar ends, or grip guards of some sort to protect your gripz with heavy riding.


    Do NOT wire

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