Whats in the Bag? About the Products and the Vision!

So I know what you are thinking, the creator of Big Belly Gripz looks like a good time. Drinking Beer, Camping, Riding like a bat out of hell (sober of course)... What a complete heart throb. But what is behind Big Belly Gripz, what is it really about?

So whats in the bag?

As a fellow rider you know the importance of conservation. Our products are not only changing the market place they are saving our beloved trails, animals, forests and people in the process. A large portion of every sale goes straight to a group or charity with similar visions in the conservation of our world. Just look on the back of the bag and you will see where the donation is going!

How else do we do our part? Well to start the brown burlap bags the products are sold in are fully biodegradable. But wait it gets better, beyond the sick bags that break down all of the molds we use to make the grips AND the material the grips are made out of are recyclable!

We all love riding the trails, so why not preserve them. Its not just for hippies you know.

But wait wait there is more...Drum roll for America please...

We are Non-Manufactured & Hand Crafted in the USA with no intent of changing! All of the grips are made to-order by hand right here on American soil. Even the material used to make the grips is purchased from a US based company. None of our products at this time are made manufacturing site.

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