USE & CARE: Everything you need to know about the USE and CARE of your new Big Belly Gripz


Well for start our "Racer" & "Big Man Hand" Gripz are engineered to stay put by twisting on tightly. Usually not even requiring a adhesive/glue. That being said we still recommend using a reputable grip glue or adhesive. At this time we do not make or sell our own. The grip material is a high quality silicone so you will need an adhesive that can bind silicone to metal such as steel or aluminum depending on your handlebar types (plus plastic if you have a dirt bike). Make sure the handlebars & grips are clean and dry before beginning the application.

For test riding here at Big Belly Gripz (especially when using the Spike Gripz) we use Permatex RTV Adhesive-Clear. We do not have any affiliation with the company but so far this adhesive has proved to be very functional for all types of riding! Use sparingly, be sure to cover the entire inside of the grip, the bar, and twist the grip onto the bar. Then allow the grip to cure for 24hrs. Remember to always use the RTV (or chosen adhesives) safety & application recommendations. NEVER WIRE YOUR BBG's IT WILL RUIN THEM!

Other Application Reminders: Remember to always measure your bar to make sure that the grips will fit accordingly. Big Belly Gripz range in Length's from approximately 4.75-5." Depending on your quad/bike/Dirt bike connecting parts such as the throttle may have been moved in the past shortening or lengthening the area where the grips are applied. IF the area has been lengthened and your big belly grips have been applied the bar may pierce through the end of the grip with heavy riding.

You can wrap a towel tightly around the grip to hold it in place while it curing.

Remove your old grips before applying your new big belly gripz.

Use: Riding gloves are highly recommended with use, if wet the grips can become slippery on a bare hand.

Sun and UV: The material has UV protected qualities. Tests have shown that the material can last well over a year in direct environmental exposure. BUT this being said, the pigments used to color the grips can only withstand so much UV presence before it begins to fade. Its recommended that you only leave the grips exposed for 12-16hrs or less to preserve those bright vibrant color we all love.

Hot/Cold Weather Conditions: The material is heat resistant up to 450°F so no ticky tacky grips will be found here! Your hands will thank us later.

Care: Keep them clean, wash them. Thats it!

Adherence: As many riders know it is a common problem that grips will slip off of handlebars with heavy use. And unfortunately we cannot be entirely excluded from that problem. Although Big Belly Gripz are very grippy they will still twist on the bar a small amount throughout their lifetime. That is why we recommend checking for a strong a adherence from grip to handlebar upon each ride. We do our best to continually research new ways to keep a tighter hold on the bars but at the end of the day no grip is perfect, right?

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