Is Bigger Better? Sizing up...The Guide

We make a range of grips with different sizes to fit your individual need. We not only make larger grips for those of you with BIG hands that cramp up on long rides, we make smaller grips just above the diameter of a stock grip. That way they open your hand slightly to relieve fatigue but they are still small enough to avoid overdone muscle contractions still allowing for a tight grasp of the bars!

All of our gripz have a grippy/gelly feel and the material itself has shock absorbing properties!

Sizing: Need a little help?

If you have large hands and constantly desire for a larger grip we recommend the following ATV GRIPS:

"The Big Man Hand XL ATV Grip" for those of you with Giant hands, a utility quad & power steering. For casual woods riding.

"The Racer" for those of you with Medium-large hands, ride a sports or utility quad doing. For casual woods riding.

The Racer is often used as a smaller option to the Big Man Hand XL for a utility quad.

If you have average or porcelain doll hands we recommend the following ATV Grip:

"The Spike Grip" is an all around great grip for any rider with average hands but holds a special place in the heart of racers! This grip comes stock as a 34-35mm diameter once applied to the handlebar. Recommended for sports quad & dirt bike.

Racer tested, Racer approved TM

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