Applying Your New Gripz: A Quickies Guide

Hello Fellow Riders today we will talk about applying your new Big Belly Gripz to your handlebars! Quickly...

Side Note: This is what we do, opinions vary. You can use what ever adhesive you feel comfortable with as long as it will strongly and safely adhere your gripz to the bar (must be able to adhere silicone to metals such as steel or aluminum).

You will need :


A wooded popsicle stick

Permatex Adhesive Sealant: Clear RTV Silicone (NOT the gasket maker) or other appropriate adhesive

A blade


Sand paper (optional)

1) Use the blade to cut off your old shatty grips in order to prepare for your new heavenly Big Belly Gripz. Do not cut yourself...

2)Apply gloves

3) Clean the bars with alcohol to assure there is no nasty stuff on there

4) (Optional Step) Use sand paper to rough up your bars this can help improve adherence - Clean bars again after this step and allow to dry

5) Apply RTV to INSIDE of gripz (smoosh it around using the wooden stick and by squeezing the grip) then liberally apply RTV to all sides of handlebar where you intend to apply the gripz

6) TWIST on the gripz

7) Remove excess RTV

8) Let the gripz cure for 24hrs at room temperature



Do not try to cut or puncture the ends off of your gripz this can compromise the material. Purchase our "ENDLESS SPIKE GRIPZ" option for use with hand guards and end caps. End caps are highly recommended for dirt bike, bmx, or bike use to add additional protection over your new gripz.

Side Note: Always make sure your gripz are adhered tightly before riding, never wire or cut Big Belly Gripz, wear gloves and protective gear, & hand guards are highly recommended to help protect your hands AND new gripz from impact! Check out our NEW endless gripz!

Side Side Note: BBG'z are flexible if you need them to fit a few mm's longer simple stretch them then wrap a towel tightly around them to secure them in place followed by straps. Make sure you do not directly strap the gripz with no padding or it may create marks during the cure process.

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