2017 Sponsorship - Let the Party Begin

Back by popular demand...The Big Belly Gripz Rider Sponsorship Program

Okay we lied, this is actually our first official program. Before our sponsorship awarding process was kind of a shyt show of un-organization (Not going to lie). But now we got it together *pats self on back*

Here is how it works, its simple:

1) Email Bigbellygripz@gmail.com and request a Application

2) We will send you back an easy to open old school word document application you can fill out and send back with or without your resume.

3) Fingers Crossed

4) We will Award you a level 1-5 sponsorship (Which includes anywhere from 10-100% Discounted Sponsorships) or we will deny you...dun dun dun

5) Sign a agreement/waiver/release

6) Receive your sponsorship and start chatting us up to your friends


How to please the panel and get a sponsorship, be yourself, be fun. We would rather sponsor someone who has heart than someone who has won 1,000 races but acts like a log. And remember we are a start up product, we are looking for riders who will back us the same as we back them.

Ps- We don't really have a panel, we just wanted to sound official.

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