Mountain Bike Test Riders!!!


We are coming out with a New MTB Grip and we are looking for 1-2 Test Riders. One of the requirements is to give feedback on the prototype gripz within 2 weeks of receiving them. And as always we welcome any rider input so even if you cannot be a test rider please feel free to email us suggestions, likes/dislikes and what you wish to see on the market!!!!


Gripz are expected to ship out in March 2017 we will be taking applications until we fill the final spots.

A few requirements to apply:

Must be a experienced and avid rider (sorry newbie's but we just can't <3)

Must be able to give feedback within 2 weeks of receiving the gripz in the mail

(Feedback for example would include things such as sending us pictures, measurements, details, recommendations, and feedback...etc...)

Must be able to go on several rides on these gripz within the 2 week period (30min+ rides) So Daily/weekly riders are ideal!

USA or Canadian mailing address preferred

Must sign some various documents/disclosures

***Please EMAIL our facebook (Big Belly Gripz) the following information OR***


Age, location?

How long have you been riding?

What would you say your skill level is?

How often do you ride during the week?

How long are your rides usually (hours and miles)?

What bike do you ride?

What style and type of terrain do you ride?

What seasons do you usually ride in?

Do you compete?

What size are your handle bars themselves (standard is 7/8")?

What are the current grips you use or have used in the past?

What are the measurements of your current grips or area where the grips can attach (we need these to determine what set of grips we send you)?

Ex: Grip length, width or circumference

In reference to bike grips what do you feel is missing from the current market?

What would you like to see change in the world of bikes and grips?

Do you agree to give us the required feedback within 2 weeks of receiving the grips?

How can we contact you (phone, email...)?

Please attach any relevant information such as URL's to social media's and pictures of your bikes/riding..etc...

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