We need x1 test rider who can test a prototype dirt bike end ends (aka caps, plugs) for us ASAP!!!

If accepted the bar ends are expected to leave Boston Ma on April 5th 2017 and reach its destination within 2-7days. Please email bigbellygripz@gmail.com ONLY if you meet the following requirements listed below...And include the Application below in your email.

Once the position has been filled we will update it on facebook (Big belly Gripz) AND Instagram (@Bigbellygripz).


Must give full feedback required within 2 weeks of receiving the bar ends in the mail (this could include but is not limited to pictures, surveys, questions, and measurements...)

Must be a Daily or Weekly rider (weekend warrior is fine as long as you go on long rides)

Must ride for more than 2hrs per session

MX or Trail

Experienced Riders only (sorry newbies)

Some light drilling may be required if you do not already have hand guards or end plugs/caps attached to your bike

USA Mailing address

18 years old + preferred

Sign a release of liability (etc)

7/8" Bars (and 1" throttle housing)

Test rider must agree not to disclose any information on the item being sent to you, try to reproduce the item, or sell the item. AND of course the test rider must agree not to sue us!!!! #Braaap


Full Name?

Age, Address?

How long have you been riding?

What would you say your skill level is?

How often do you ride during the week?

How long are your rides usually (hours and /or miles)?

What dirt bike do you ride?

What style and type of terrain do you ride?

What seasons do you usually ride in?

Do you compete?

What are the current grips you use or have used in the past?

In reference to bike grips what do you feel is missing from the current market?

Do you use bar ends or hand guards and if so what brand?

IF YES: Do they help protect your grips and bars?

IF NO: Do your current grips get messed up when you hit something or lay down your dir bike?

Do you agree to give us the required feedback within 2 weeks of receiving the grips?

How can we contact you (phone, email...)?

Please attach any relevant information such as URL's to social media's and pictures of your bikes/riding..etc...

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