2018 Rider Sponsorships!!! SEND IT

Want to be sponsored by BBGz ? Well you have come to the right place. Here is all you need to know:

Who we sponsor

- BBGz sponsors racers OR avid riders with large social network followings (for example riding groups, pages, teams, or clubs). We sponsor both the owners of the group as well as offer sponsorships to those members. Meaning you can offer everyone in your group the perk of a discount!

How to apply

-Send your resume OR Copy and Paste the below 2018 Application into an email OR email us requesting an application: bigbellygripz@gmail.com

Subject line: 2018 Sponsorship

How it works

-Apply, look over and agree to terms/waivers/releases, get your discount code, use that code, list us as your sponsor during races and wins, post us in good manner on your social media's, tell your friends, even throw our logo on your wrap if you want to (etc)

What we offer

-We will Award you a level 1-5 sponsorship (Which includes anywhere from 10-100% Discounted Sponsorships) or we will deny you...dun dun dun

-We also offer group sponsorships as mentioned above

What we are looking for

-We are not looking for you to be an astronaut we simply want good, loyal riders to join our team. Be yourself, be honest, and have fun (we like indeviduals)!

-At BBGz we give respect and demand respect for all aspects and walks of life. So please remember when you represent BBGz you represent that model.

How long does the sponsorship last for

-The full year of 2018, then simply re-up with us

Previously sponsored riders

-Let us know if you want to re-up your sponsorship via email, send us your resume, and race stats from the previous years (2017). Basically just check in with us, we like to hear from you!!!

Sports we support

-Right now we mainly sponsor atv & dirt bike racers but we aim to spread and support all sports!!! We hope to in the near future be able to offer more products geared towards mtb, fat bikes, snow boarding, jet ski's, sledding... Its just a matter of time, keep an eye out for expansion on our empire.

EMAIL FOR SPONSORSHIP: Bigbellygripz@gmail.com subject line: 2018 Sponsorships

Copy & Paste:



Feel free to include your resume, pictures, and a little bit about yourself!

Please return this application to Bigbellygripz@gmail.com

Full Name?

City, State/Province, Country?

Age of rider?

Age started riding?

What series do you race?

What Class?

What year did you start racing?

What dirt bike or atv do you race/ride?

Tell us about your race record…any wins…?

What grips are you currently using (brand, size, etc.)?

Why are you interested in using Big Belly Gripz?

Will you promote Big Belly Gripz & how?

List your social media sites where you will promote Big Belly Gripz (use name & URL):

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