Custom Grips...Why not!

Well, It has been a long winter for everyone, but I firmly believe we have nothing but better days ahead of us here in the Northeast...even if it is currently snowing outside my office window as I type this. May the sunshine be with you!

I wanted to take a minute to talk about one of our products that seems to be gaining the most popularity among ATV clubs/ crews/ squads, and that is our fully custom grip. Our design engineer starts from scratch using your ideas and transferring them to a Computer automated Design program providing the customer with a visual of what the finished product will look like. When I say fully custom, I mean it! For example, one of the most recent custom request we had was to place Maple Leafs on the grips and make the leaf a contrasting color from the rest of the grip. These are the kind of orders we love because of the smile it brings our customers when they are the only ones on the trails or in the mud holding onto Maple Leafs! This option is also nice for the clubs that want to rep their name on their handle bars like no one else.

Please, don't designate to contact us with any custom order requests, we love a challenge! Also, if ordering for a club or crew be sure to ask about a volume discount on larger orders. Most important of all, enjoy your spring riding and SEE YOU ON THE TRAILS!!!!

- BBGz

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